What We’ve Done

Why are councils coming to us in the first place?

They are coming to us in response to pressures on their current services that they believe make the status quo unsustainable. These pressures are:

Care Act
Financial Pressures

See a case study of our recent work:


9 Councils have set up alternative delivery models with our help:

Dorset County Council/Borough of Poole/Bournemouth Borough Council – August 2015 – Tricuro
Scottish Borders Council – July 2015 – SB Cares
Aberdeen City Council – August 2013 – Bon Accord Care Services
Buckinghamshire County Council – October 2013 – Buckinghamshire Care
Essex County Council went live – July 2009 – Essex Cares
Northamptonshire County Council – April 2012 – Olympus Care Services
Wokingham Borough Council – July 2011 – Optalis